B.A. Degree in Theater and Cinamatic Arts from The University Of Hartford

Helena Jonsdottir – Dance (Body Movement); Astros Gunnarsdottir –Dance (Bodymovement); Bryndis Einarsdottir – Dance (Body Movement); Sigurthor Heimisson – Commedia Dell’arte; Kenn Oldfield- Dance, Tap; Weapons Training – US army; Glynn Nicholas – mime.

Special Abilities
Perfect USA accent; Sing; Dance; Speak German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic. Can Do All These Accents Too; Excelent in accents; Awarded horseman; Tennis; Racquetball; Swimming; Soccer; Team Handball; Basketball; Golf; Badminton; Billiards; Bowl; Motorcycle Licience; Ski; Swim.


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